9 Things to do Now to Become a Millionaire in 10 Years


We’re all waiting for that one big score to launch us into the stratosphere. To sit amongst the clouds with the rest of the Richy McRicherton’s of the world. To be able to have anything our little heart desires with a click of our mouse on Amazon. But that one big score isn’t going to come unless you do something about it. If you want to be flying high, you’ve got to start laying the ground work right now. To help you on your way, we at Psychology Hacker have found 9 things you can do right now to almost guarantee millionaire status in just 10 years.


People that win the jackpot end up going bankrupt within a year of receiving their money. Why? Because these people don’t have a good work ethic. If you’re taking all the pennies you’ve worked so hard for and buying yourself all these fancy toys and not busting your ass to have a steady cash flow, be ready to be stressed and broke. You need to not show off your wealth, you need to make sure that you’re going to be able to keep that wealth going. Work your butt off and secure your finances before you go blowing $100,000 for a new sports car. No one’s going to judge you for showing up in your cheapy-cheap, fuel efficient sedan if you’re making mad cash. And if they do, you know those are the people that are never going to hold on to their millions.


It doesn’t matter what you think about your solidly paying 9-5 job because you’ve been tricked. The whole world has been tricked. We were taught from a young age that we need to ‘get a job’ and then work our fingers to the bone and pray for a promotion. This is the biggest lie that we’ve ever been told, excepting Santa Claus (sorry to burst your bubble). The reality is that you need to be the sole determiner of how big your paycheck is going to be. You put in more work, you make more money. YOU need to be able to just be able to wake up and ask yourself, “How much money do I want to make today?” and then go make that money. When you can do that, your possibilities are endless. If you stay in a job that has a modest salary and yearly pay rise, you’re inevitably going to lose your drive and guarantee yourself a life without financial freedom.


You are only limited by your minds limitations. If you keep thinking about what you need to do to make a million dollars, your thinking too small. Think about what you need to do to make two million dollars, four million dollars, and beyond. When you change your mind to start thinking that way, you’ll start implementing things to achieve that level of success and you’ll blow right past a million dollars. By the time you’re done, a million will seem like chump change.


With the type of economy that we have today, you can’t possibly become rich by throwing your money into a bank account and letting it sit for years. Instead, you need to focus on increasing your income each and every year, if not every six months. When you focus on where the money is coming from and how you can seize opportunities, you’ll start seeing your income drastically increasing each and every month. The important thing to note on this hack is that you can never be satisfied. Not to say you shouldn’t be satisfied with your achievement. By all means, pat yourself on the back, but make sure that you’re already planning the next thing that is going to increase your revenue for the next month.


Most people don’t realize that money is a tool and you can make money work as long as you know how to use it. The simplest way to start making money without having to do anything is to automate your investments. If you work for a company and they offer a 401(k), make sure you’re throwing some money into that off of any surplus revenue you have. Warren Buffet recommends investing in low-cost index funds so you can just make free money by…having money. Stupid easy. Make sure that whenever you’ve got money left over that you don’t need, you’re investing in some other venture that is going to make you money and don’t you dare touch it. The easiest way to do this is to find something that you can put your money into but can’t pull it out. And automate this so it happens every month. Eventually, you’ll make due without that cash and can reap the benefits later on in life.


Somewhere in the unwritten book of money-making tycoons it reads that you need to have multiple streams of income if you want to rich. The number that has been held as gospel, the number that will lead you to salvation and put you amongst the financially righteous is seven. Seven income streams. Now, that might seem like an excessive amount. You might be thinking that you don’t have enough time to develop seven income streams because that takes a lot of work but you’re missing the point. Each of these income streams doesn’t have to be something that you’re putting your time into. Most of them should be passive. You should put in the work that you need to put in and then let these income streams run their course. You’ll start having a reliable amount of steady income that you can use to develop more income streams. That way, you’ll always have money on hand.


How many times have you resented someone for earning ridiculous amounts of cash? Have you ever seen a nice car on the highway and thought, “That guy’s probably a dick.”? If one of these thoughts, or anything along the line of this thinking has crossed your mind, you need to kill that right now. Looking down at the wealthy people of the world is a solid guarantee that you’re never going to become one of them. Why would you want to be something that you hate, right? Instead, you should start respecting those people. Be happy for them. They put in serious amounts of effort to get where they are. You need to start thinking that having money isn’t a negative thing regardless of what others think of you. Once you change your mindset, you’ll start see more and more cash end up in your bank account.


You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This is an idea pulled from the law of averages. With that in mind, if you want to start making more money, who are the people you want to hang around? It’s going to be the people that are like you, looking to make money or it’s going to be the people that have already generated their success and are capable of generating more. When you hang out with these people, you’re bound to get advice and pick up some really good ideas on how to start generating more money. But, if you’re hanging out with your coworkers or family members that have no intent of increasing their financial state, you’re more likely to sit in the same tax bracket for the rest of your life.


You ever thought about a really good idea for a business, you have a great feeling about it taking off but you don’t know how to implement it? You’re not sure what steps to take to get it off the ground? Boy, it sure would be nice if you could find someone to help you do something like that. Well, there are. You just have to do a little bit of research and find yourself a mentor. You need to find someone that is going to give you a step-by-step guide of everything they did to achieve their success and will totally help you do the same. Because time is money, you should pay them for their time. They will give you the action steps you need to start implementing that business ideas. They’ll have people for you to contact that you never would have had access to before. That, and you’ll learn A LOT. You’ll know more in six months than you ever would have figured out on your own. Best tip you could get out of this? Get yourself a badass mentor.
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