How to Grow Your Social Media Following


If your income grows from sales of your product and money comes from customers, where do customers come from? More importantly, how can you get more of them?

Customers are simply people who know your product exists and they have a need that your product can meet. We often call these people “leads” – people who are soon to become customers. So if you want more customers, you just need to find more leads, which are people who have a problem that your product solves.

Many people look to social media as the place to find new leads; however, most of the time their social media doesn’t grow the way they want it to grow.

They create posts and maybe even boost them with paid ads, yet nothing seems to work. Most of the time this is simply because you’re blocking your own organic views by making one of a few classic mistakes.  

These are the 3 common mistakes people make when it comes to finding leads on online platforms:

Mistake #1

They don’t target the RIGHT kind of leads. While 1 million new followers may sound like a great way to find leads, if these followers aren’t “targeted”, then they’re useless to you. 

If they’re from a foreign country with no interest in your service, artificial intelligence “bots” from an algorithm to inflate your follower count, or just there because you made a political or funny post that happened to get interest but is irrelevant to your product, then they’re not going to buy.

You need to create a social media following that shares a common problem that your product or service solves. It’s ok if it’s a small following as long as it’s engaged and growing. 10 targeted followers paying $1000 a month is significantly better than 100,000 who don’t care about what you have to say.

Mistake #2 

They don’t post enough. An active social media page needs you to be active. This means posting at LEAST 5 days a week. If this feels like too much, then you’re just not serious about growing your social media page.

Social media platforms have an algorithm for engagement and reach. In short, the more people that interact with your content, the more people will be shown your content by the platform. This is why you have to be posting almost every day and just as importantly replying to every single comment from all your followers as soon as possible as this doubles the interactivity on the content. 

Mistake #3 

They say, “hey guys.” While you know you’re talking to lots of people at once. The viewers are alone in a room watching or reading your content. To them, the minute you say “hey guys,” it’s like you’re no longer talking to them and it’s easy to stop watching. 

When you create content that is targeted to a specific type of person and start off by talking directly to that individual, it makes it far more engaging and encourages them to want to enjoy the entire thing. This increases the amount of time someone watches or reads your content and once again continues to increase the organic reach and exposure of your posts.

Once you start fixing these classic mistakes you will almost always see a significant impact on the growth of your social media following.

It also pays to have a strategy and content plan for social media based on search engine optimization (SEO) research and monetization. 

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