Why you NEED a Big Idea!


Take a look at the picture of the building above.

Without googling, how old do you think it is?

Earlier this week, I posed this question on the Psychology Hacker Facebook group, and I was given answers from 300-1600 years old.

One person said “Old, I don’t know how old, but it’s also definitely from Asia.”

Here’s the shocking truth.

This building is YOUNGER THAN ME!!

It’s only 37 years old.

It’s called the Sancturary of Truth, and it’s in Thailand.

I just recently got to see it when I was traveling on my Asian tour, working from a cruise ship and running my company as I get to see the world.

Here’s the thing about this building.

Now  that you know it is only 37 years old, you might think that it’s owned by the city where it sits…

Or maybe it’s owned by a religious establishment…

You would be wrong on both accounts!

This building is owned by a BANKER!

It’s an investment idea by him to create a tourist destination.

People come to visit the Sanctuary. (We should note here, it’s specifically not a temple.)

And then they spend money on food, animal rides, souvenirs and more.

Heck, they were still building part of it when we arrived!

In fact, I’ve included a picture of their reference model that the builders were looking at while we were there.

The point is a business man, had a vision. A vision that, in the future, a Sanctuary would exist and that people would come from all over the world to see it.

In fact, as the old movie quote goes:

”if you build it they will come”

It was a big idea.

Now it’s a big profit in his pocket.

The problem I see with most Business owners I help are that they don’t have a BIG idea.

They want to have a business that is a version of what someone else has.

They want to be a Realtor.

They want to sell insurance.

They want to be a software consultant.

But whats your BIG idea?

How are you going to BE the AUTHORITY in your industry?

I’m going to be talking a lot about this over the next few weeks.

After all I used thinking BIG and being an authority to become the Number 1 Dating Coach in the world…

Then I used that Platform to build Psychology Hacker into one of the largest Platforms for the Psychology of Business in the world.

I’d like to help you come up with your BIG idea.

Come and chat about it with myself and the Psych Hacker team in our group Psych Hackers.

If you’re not yet a member of our group Psych Hackers you should come and join it btw.

It’s Free to join, and has a great community of people getting their head straight about the businesses they run or want to be running.

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