The Secret Active Listening Technique Used By Kate Middleton


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, have two precious little children who you’ve probably spent a bit of time ‘ooing’ and ‘awwing’ at.
From christening services and garden parties to festivals and visits from dignitaries, the royal family is always being pictured at one event or the other. However, while most people are focused on Kate Middleton’s fashion and her newest wardrobe items experts have noticed this active listening technique used by Middleton and her husband in dealing with their kids.
This parenting trick from Kate and Prince William, according to experts is what you need to steal from the Duchess of Cambridge and her family. It’ll help you be a more excellent listener and help increase your child’s self-esteem. The idea is that kneeling down while speaking to your kids or squatting is a simple yet secret active listening technique that has been proven to work. You’ve likely noticed this royal family using it all over the world while travelling with their kids and at public events in Britain.

During the Royal Air Forces display on the Queen’s birthday, the world watched on while the Royals stood on the world famous Buckingham Palace balcony. Unbothered by the formal setting however, Prince William used this same active listening technique to steal the show with his son, Prince George. The Duchess of Cambridge also squatted to speak to Prince George as the family arrived at the Victoria Airport in British Columbia, to begin their eight-day tour for one of Britain’s closest ally countries, Canada.

Her Majesty did not appreciate the parenting technique often deemed a faux pas when Prince William used it so publicly and even went as far as scolding her grandson, and was likely even less impressed when Kate Middleton applied the same technique on a trip representing the royal family. Psychologists say the active trick to be a better listener is something you should totally steal from Middleton and her husband.

Now, active listening involves more than crouching or squatting down to stand at the same eye level as your toddler or child. When Kate Middleton practices this technique what she is really trying to do is to get Prince George to feel that whatever he has to say to her is important and meaningful.

As a parent or guardian, this simple but powerful gesture can work wonders to help your ward build up confidence and self-esteem. Children find it hard to effectively communicate with their parents and this active listening technique makes it easier for them to feel comfortable enough and open up about things.

Opening up two-way communication channels and engaging toddlers is a way to make them more responsive to what you say you. They become more attentive when you in turn show that you’re listening during the conversations you have. Consciously positioning yourself for active listening the next time someone demands your attention will allow both parties the ability to communicate more effectively. Kate Middleton’s active listening technique works great when you figure out how to do it properly.
Here’s a guide of the when and the how for practicing this technique:


This is a most valuable listening technique for all parents but you need to be on the same eye level as your toddler, which usually involves bending or crouching down.
Looking your child in the eye when they’re talking is the goal here. However, it does not work out effectively if you are not giving them complete attention. That means no phone use, watching closely and responding to them with both verbal and non-verbal cues like hugs, smiles and nods. These all work together to boost your child’s self-esteem and encourage better communication.


Going by the Queen of England’s royal stamp of disapproval, this is not the kind of technique you practice in any situation. But even when it seems your kid is just throwing a tantrum and you are tempted not to pay them any attention, you often still need to be tactical in getting that message across by pointing a finger or giving some kind of cue they understand.

Experts also agree that this active listening technique deserves high praise and you should use it whenever your child is trying to communicate. Doing this is an important way to make them feel there is always room for them to be heard. The end goal is stronger bonds and healthier relationships with your children that will eventually equip them for success. Every parent’s dream.
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