Why Most Dating Apps Don’t Get You The Results That You Want


Many of us use dating apps because we know that they can streamline one of the most challenging aspects of adulthood: finding a potential partner. They’re designed with a wide host of functionalities, and they’re fully equipped to help us narrow down our selections, choose among them, and get the ball rolling. Or, at least, that’s the intent.

However, it is also not a secret that many of us do not get the exact results we think we will get out of the apps. In fact, some of us find them ineffective and cumbersome. Here is a simple reason why: dating apps mostly match us with people their algorithms think we will like because of shared interests and preferences, and nothing more.

You see, one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to dating is a retroactive analysis of the significant things that have transpired in our previous relationships. When we say ‘significant things’, we mean the things that contributed to the failure of the relationship. For instance, you may have dated someone who looked exactly like how you wanted them to look, but their personality may not have been a good fit for yours. Sure, you two may have both liked the Avengers, but they may have something about them that really ticked you off.

To succeed at finding the right partner, it pays to assess what did not work out in your previous relationships, so that you can avoid them in your next one, and choose people who are more compatible with not only your preferences, but also your ideals. To further improve results, consider hiring a dating coach. They can sit down with you and go over the relevant data that dating apps cannot take into personal account to help you find the best potential match.

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