Do these 9 psychology facts describe you perfectly?


Without ever even having met you, I’m willing to bet these 9 little psychological facts all describe you perfectly!

1. Your absolute favourite song probably reminds you of an emotional event!

Humans are very emotional creatures, and the songs we tend to love the most, are ones we associate with an emotional experience. Perhaps this was a special moment in a relationship, or a time you achieved something amazing! But that moment probably anchored strong positive feelings of that song to you! This comes rushing back when you hear this song again, thus associating that happy feeling with this song in your mind!

2. Music changes your perspective

When you walk into a supermarket, have you ever noticed the slow relaxing music over the speakers? This is to make you take your time, and spend more! Try listening to fast pace music on earphones! You’ll be amazed how much faster you get your shopping done, and how much you save in things you didn’t really need to get!

3. Spending more on others, makes you happier!

We all love receiving presents and gifts! We also love making people happy! Giving someone a gift is one of the best way to make them happy! And makes you happier in the process!

4. Spending money on experience instead of stuff also makes you happier.

Collecting fun memories and experiences aren’t material, but they change who you are as a person. At the end of your life, looking back, do you want to be able to say you bought a cool thing, or that you did the really cool thing you always wanted to do and experience?

5. Children are more high strung today than the average psych ward patient in 1950.

Children have a lot to deal with now days! So give them a break every so often! While it’s not much compared to an adult, they haven’t had all the experience adults have, and are much less kitted out to be able to deal with things that get thrown at them, and all these things can add up…

6. Certain religious practices lower stress.

A recently published book, “The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Mood Disorders” shows that people who engage in meditation, and prayer, religiously are actually significantly less stressed out than their counterparts.

7. More money can buy happiness, but only up to $75,000 a year.

In America, on average, $75k a year buys happiness. It frees you from poverty and gets you what you need in life. While we could all always do with more money, this is sufficient to not have to budget on anything!

8. Being with happy people makes you happier.

For most people, this should come as no surprise. Happiness is infectious, and being around anyone happier than you, will rub off on you!

9. The most stressed out people on the planet are 18 to 33 year olds!

Work, family, education, it can all be pretty stressful. While they may not always show it, this is the demographic of people who by far have the most stress to deal with in life!

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