Boost your happiness during quarantine with these 9 tips


We’re a month into quarantine and it’s not looking like it will loosen up this week. As more people have to stay home and practice social distancing, tensions are getting high.  In order to help keep you happy and your loved ones at ease, I want to offer up my top tips for happiness in quarantine. Use these tips to boost your mood and ensure that there can be harmony in your home despite being stuck together all the time.

If you can, consider doing the following things

1. Start working

1) If you’re out of work, and able to work. Look into delivery services or virtual commission sales jobs. Both are looking for people right now, and while not the IDEAL job, it’ll keep money coming in. Places like Amazon and Uber Eats are looking for more drivers. While more and more credit card companies and debt collectors will be hiring as the financial situation worsens.

2. Get some sunshine

2) Get a daylight blue somewhere in your house. If you’re not going outside a lack of daylight can be eased with a daylight bulb and it’ll help with feelings of sadness and so much more. It’s proven that Vitamin-D, the nutrient we receive from sunlight, increases happiness. If a daylight blue isn’t an option for you the next best thing is a bottle of Vitamin D pills.

3. Have a morning routine

3) Start a morning routine. You don’t realize it but the act of “going to work” was good for you in terms of setting you up with a routine. A Morning routine will really help you get on track Mentally. My buddy Hal Elrod has a great book called “The Miracle Morning” that is worth checking out. Humans are creatures of habit and this whole Corona Virus pandemic has thrown a wrench in everybody’s routine. Get yours going daily to ensure you are remaining productive and striving towards self-growth in this time of stagnation.


4. Start cooking

4) Play around with cooking. I grew up VERY POOR…. but I LOVE good food. My Dad Melvin Lyons taught me to cook, and consequently, I can make some MEAN meals with very little ingredients. We’ve been using almost the same core ingredients all week… yet every meal has been different so far due to seasonings and preparation. The people in my house have said they now prefer eating into going to restaurants. This is your opportunity to practice developing a skill that will not only save you money, but give you incredible hosting skills to apply towards relationship building events in the future.

5. Have game nights with family

5) If you have a family and they’re driving you crazy. Try Dungeons and Dragons. The chance to interact as “different characters” will help you get on better and learn to interact in other ways. The personality changes will also be a welcome difference. Hanging with your family member that “gets on your nerves” becomes very different when they are Eldor the magnificent high elven bard and has you laughing with their incredible jokes. Nothing brings a family closer together like game nights.

6. Practice yoga and stretch

6) Do yoga, it’s simple to do, needs little space, builds strength, flexibility, fitness and more importantly mindfulness and meditation. Loosen up your muscles, release that tension, and get the blood flowing to parts you didn’t know existed. It’ll help you manage stressful feelings and is a fun activity the whole family can do. Kids LOVE it. Even if they fall over.

7. Try new things

7) Do something new. Even if you still work, you more than likely gained some travel time back from going to work. Use that time to do something you’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be something “productive” do something for YOU! Read a fiction book you’ve always wanted to read, study an instrument. SO MANY things to do… and now you have a little time to do it.

8. Set your children up for success

8) For parents, help your kids adapt to this new situation. Get them to spend time in their room… but not as a punishment make it a fun thing for them to do while you work. Perhaps they have a new indoor blanket fort… perhaps they’re allowed video games during work hours. Or they‘re registered in an online school whatever it is… keep them in their room during your work hours and then after work make a point of socializing together. 

9. Have home dates with your partner

9) Date your loved ones. I gave Evgeniya Lyons a pedicure as one of our dates in front of a TV, I cook for her in the evenings. We do movie nights with friends and loved ones who can’t be with us. Put the time in to do special things with those you love, as someone who grew up POOR I was incredibly good at finding inventive things to do at home…when did you last turn your living room into a game of the flow is lava? … even if you DON’T HAVE KIDS!

In this time of quarantine and isolation, it’s important to be understanding. EVERYONE is going to be suffering from Cabin Fever. Tension and stresses are high. Understand that not everyone is going to be coping with this stress… you included. Give others some leeway… also don’t be afraid to ask for it for yourself too. A family that communicates together, stays together.

Despite all of these tips, there is one kind of tension that is almost impossible to overcome with the tips I shared above, and this is financial struggles. Being a freelance worker, business owner, or entrepreneur can be extremely difficult in times like this. Economic downturns, social distancing, quarantine lockdowns, these are not recipes for a flourishing business. But there is a way to stabilize your business and turn things around in a crisis situation.

Use this to feel secure with your income

I have worked with several large corporations, small businesses, and freelance entrepreneurs to develop crisis strategy plans that have pulled them out of trouble. Everything from taking massive hits on their stocks, keeping them out of the press after a major scandal, or even DOUBLING their sales in the face of an economic downturn.

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In this free guide I give you 5 steps on how to handle a crisis. The most common thing people and businesses do is REACT. In this free guide book you will see why that is the worst thing you can do, and what the alternatives are. Pick up your copy and start to develop your crisis strategy now so that you can spend less time worrying about your income and more time creating happiness in your home.

I hope this helps just a little bit. They’re things I’ve been doing to help here and they seem to be helping me. Share this with anyone you think could benefit.

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