Dealing with the Coronavirus as a freelancer


Life as a freelancer can be difficult. Throw in a global pandemic with an economic crisis and things could start to look pretty dim. The kicker is that everything is remote work right now. For some that’s business as usual, for others, it’s like starting all over again. Yes, this string of terrible events has been a major inconvenience. But for freelancers, it’s been hell.

Here are some ways to deal with the Coronavirus as a freelancer.

1 – The #1 most common freelance job

The most populated freelance job is writing. This includes story writers, copywriters, or anyone in advertising. There are A TON of freelance writers, some good, some bad, most aren’t amazing. If you can stand out as an amazing writer you will have a much easier time getting work. If you are a freelance writer keep this in mind. You are in a big pool of competition. Even if you’re an amazing writer, you need to adapt to the Coronavirus situation and make your rates reasonable. Otherwise, your life shouldn’t be too much more different as more freelance writers work remotely anyway.

2 – The freelance financial consultant

If you are a freelance financial consultant or worker you’re in a unique position. This is for any freelance bookkeeper, accountant, or financial consultant. Businesses are going to need help keeping their books in order after the effects of the Coronavirus. This is an amazing opportunity for work if done the right way! Position yourself correctly and charge in a way that is affordable for customers but beneficial for the both of you. Financial consultants should be swimming in work right now. The Coronavirus has several businesses looking for clean ways to adjust their books.

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3 – Freelance work as a Project Manager

The 3rd biggest pool of freelancers are project managers. This is a unique opportunity for them as the Coronavirus as halted a lot of industries that require a project manager. However, not everything is shut down and jobs can be found if done correctly. One thing would be looking for projects that are involved in marketing and advertising. These can be done remotely and can have a huge pay off if you position yourself correctly. Another option could be looking into medical projects to work with. As research for the cure to the Coronavirus reaches its peak, there are a lot of dots to connect that several medical research companies need help with.

4 – Your workplace as a freelancer

Here is something a writer, financial consultant, and project manager have in common. All of them have to work remotely now. Since the Coronavirus swept through and ruined everyone’s ability to gather and work closely remote work is the new norm. To be more specific, remote work from home is how it has to be now. No working from a coffee shop, library, or office outside of your home. As long as you have the right routines in place this should not be an issue for you. In fact, working from home can be extremely beneficial, especially for freelancers.


This will make you stand out as a freelancer

If there is one thing that everyone needs to have during the Coronavirus it’s this. A crisis strategy plan. Have a crisis strategy and it becomes easier to make money, expand your reach, and most importantly retain your clients. This will save your income and peace of mind. I held a live stream workshop where I shared 12 points of how to prepare for a crisis and position yourself during the Coronavirus.


Watch the video and learn how to prepare for a crisis. Plus I give a 5 step action plan that I have used to pull several businesses out of a crisis. The formula behind this action plan works for any business. Whether you’re a logistical shipping corporation, or a freelancer working solo. I want to give you a chance to beat the Coronavirus and come out of this economic downturn on top of your field.

So there you have it. How to deal with the Coronavirus as a freelancer. Don’t let this current situation bring you down. There are plenty of freelancers that are still thriving in this situation despite how things are looking. Keep at it and most importantly, position yourself as someone at the top of your field. The best way to do that now is by having a plan to deal with this economic crisis. If you can approach your client with a clear crisis strategy plan, then you will already be way ahead of your competition.

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