Why You Should Say Yes To An Opportunity


“Probably some of the best things that have ever happened to you in life, happened because you said yes to something. Otherwise things just sort of stay the same.”

~Danny Wallace

While saying “yes” all the time doesn’t come with any guarantees, saying no means you’ve already failed before you even tried. The future can be uncertain – it’s like diving into deep waters or a traveling down a road that’s unknown. What lies beyond is often beyond our control.

Perhaps the unpredictable is why we fear what the future holds for us. Our inability to take control of the consequences, or result of our decisions keeps many of us from saying yes to an opportunity.  While avoiding uncharted territory makes us feel less vulnerable, consequently, we end up missing out on great opportunities.

Thus, what most of us will regret when we’re on our deathbeds are the things that we did not do as opposed to  those which we did. So, whenever an opportunity knocks on your door, be afraid of missing it instead of seizing it.

We must let life happen to us by saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities. Life is too short to stand still.

Adam Lyons shares how he started to turn his life around after an experience brought him close to his deathbed. Despite living a simple life that was gratifying, his near-death experience made him realize that the afterlife must be filled with memories, not with neglected dreams.

Listen to his story by watching the video below.

How nearly dying changed my entire life for the better, but you don’t have to face death to change yours.

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Monday, 7 May 2018




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