How To Get A Lot Done While Having Fun


When we get stuck in the never-ending cycle of our work and responsibilities, it becomes a chore to even get up in the morning to do work that we were once passionate about.  The more we work as time goes by, the more it becomes inevitable to procrastinate and drag your feet to get things done. While it’s normal to feel that way every now and then, it’s not a habit that you should keep either.

To do our work more efficiently all the while having fun, one needs to put on these four military hats in segmenting our work accordingly.

The first hat is that of a General. The General is the one in- charge, and he figures out the long-term goals you want to achieve and brainstorm on how you want to achieve them.

Then we have the Lieutenant, the second in command of the General and will break down the long-term goal into smaller steps and each step brings us closer to our desired goal.

Basically, the Lieutenant and the General are the ones that stress us out. Some people would panic about how much things still needs to be done yet time is slowly slipping. This is where the next hat, that of a Sergeant comes into play.

The Sergeant will split the tasks on per day basis and how much work and which deadlines are to be reached in one day. This splitting of tasks will then help the fourth hat – the soldier.

The soldier doesn’t have to think of the end result or goals and approaching deadlines, he just has to grind on to get the day’s job done.

By wearing these hats one after the other, we can actually get a lot done while having fun. The masterminds are the General and the Lieutenant. Once the planning part is done, the Sergeant and the Soldier part of the personality will focus on the work at hand and will actually manage to get the job done whether sitting in an office or on a beach.

This is how you can hack your psychology into getting the maximum productivity without stressing yourself out.

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How to get a LOT done while having fun.

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Tuesday, 10 July 2018



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