This Is What You Need To Be Efficient And Productive


Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do? Do you find yourself missing deadlines? Or do you sometimes just forget to do something important, so that people have to chase you to get work done?

It’s quite a basic solution, but all of these are symptoms can easily be remedied with a simple “to-do list,” here’s why!

Be more organized

A to-do list is an orderly way to organize how to do the things you want to do. Projects and plans get broken down into bite-size chunks that are doable. A to-do list not only creates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done, managing tasks effectively. You can see all of the items at a glance and prioritize what most needs to be done according to timelines and importance. This makes it easier for you to delegate work if you need to.  If you see the list is too long, you can find others to help you get things done, whether it is asking family members for a hand or hiring a job out.


The act of writing it down in itself holds you accountable to get it done. Once you write it down, you have given it life and now are creating a plan to accomplish the goals you would like to see completed.  You are now accountable to you.

Time management

If you finish something quickly, a meeting gets canceled or you otherwise find yourself some extra time, you can quickly see where to spend your time best. If something comes up unexpectedly and takes precedence in importance, you can immediately determine and maneuver your schedule efficiently.

Ease your mind

It is a great feeling to cross items off your list as it gives eases your thoughts granting you the feeling of control. This leads to a positive productive feeling and this alone is worth keeping lists for. As you see work getting done and that you are moving forward efficiently, it’s an affirmation that you can relax more. Work is getting done and so you can take a well-deserved break. Schedule it in if you need to.

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Knock Out Your To-Do's by Scheduling Them Out

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Saturday, 20 October 2018


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