The Main Reason Why People Struggle with Sex in a Relationship


If you’re in a relationship, you are bound to deal with a couple of issues, and one of them will always be sex. Sex persists to be one of the most common problems among couples, and while this is normal, it is definitely not something that you will always want to be concerned with. Fortunately, there is a simple reason why people struggle with sex, and this can be simply rectified, as well. That reason? People put sex on a pedestal.

The world we live in today places so much importance on sex, which should not be an issue except it makes us think that we should be having the kind of sex that everybody talks about, or else it will not be worth having. You hear it in so many songs, and see it portrayed in so many movies. You think it’s cool until you go home to your partner, expect that same mind-blowing sex every time, all the time, and you find that, surprise! life does not work out like that.

When people act like sex is something that is supposed to be this ultra-exquisite gift from one person to another, it creates sky-high expectations that will translate to rock-bottom disappointment when they are not met. It creates the pressure on you or the other person to “perform”, which can lead to stress. One of the main reactions people have to stress is to try and avoid it altogether, which is why some will shy away from having to engage in sex at all. When sex disappears, so does oxytocin, and so can love.

Sex is a beautiful thing. It is a primary ingredient in a healthy relationship. But it should be treated like food, something that a couple can always have, look forward to, and – most importantly – enjoy.

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