Why a Toy Car Can be Key to Strengthening Your Relationships


Many people struggle with their relationships, whether they are romantic, familial, professional, or about friendship. And one of the most common reasons for this is that we invest too much time trying to assert our influence in our relationship with other people. If your girlfriend has recently cut her hair, chances are you said something about it. If your friend is contemplating quitting his job because he wants to put up his own business, chances are you gave him advice.

However, in many of the instances that we think we are trying to help, the only sure instances where we are of help is if our help has been requested. This is one of the biggest reasons why we run into conflicts and misunderstandings in our relationships. We feel the need to critique and correct everybody around us, but there is no need to try and assert our opinions in order to shape other people’s lives if they didn’t ask. It is always best to help when people ask for our help.

This is where a toy car comes in. A toy car reminds us that in order to move smoothly through life, what we need to do is to stay in our lane. We need to keep to our own path, focus on our own course, and stop minding the things that go on around us that do not immediately concern us. If somebody in another lane is blasting music that we do not personally like, it is not our place to roll down our window and yell at them to keep it down, especially if they are not doing anything wrong.

It is never a bad idea to help, but it is always best to help people who want help. In this way, we are sure that our advice will be taken without bitterness, and the other person understands that we come from a place of love – not interference – when we tell them what we think after they ask.

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Why this toy car is the key to strengthen your relationships, at work, at play and everywhere.

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Tuesday, 26 June 2018


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