Always Be The Better Person


Maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. For all that is happening in the world, we may react differently. We see and hear stories of people treating people nicely and some, quite rudely. Racism, discouragement, prejudice these are all negative things, but these can be dealt with appropriately.

Being a good person never depends on our life status or culture, it depends on how we treat people. We should maintain a positive energy to the world that is already full of negativity. Although everything should be balanced, good and bad but lately, the bad overpowers the good.

How do we really deal with people who are not treating us right? We should think closely and take into consideration if it is a good fight or if it is just a waste of time. Mostly, fighting back will just consume our energy, so we might as well try to carry the day instead of treating them the way they treat us. We are humans, and we tend to be vexed but we can always be the better person. Instead of being resentful towards our fellow human being, just leave a positive note, or better yet, move away.

It takes a real MVP to master being kind. But if we get the chance to be a nice human being, we should do it. If we can just leave in order not to hurt anyone back, we should do it. Though we have limitations, it’s a given fact, we can’t always be good, but if we get the chance to, we can always choose to be a finer human. Lastly, here’s a good quote to share and ponder on, “If you ever get the chance to treat people how the way they treat you I hope you choose to walk away.”


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