Be Honest About Needing Help


Success is one of the best things about life, which is why we all do our best to persevere through challenges and hardships. No matter how bad it can get, we know that if we grind hard enough, the sun will break through the clouds and bless us with everything we were aiming for. Inspiration does not run out, too, as there are plenty of people we can name who have proven that while success may not come easy, it does come, with hard work and time.

But did you know that there is one seemingly harmless thing that many of us do that may be hampering our chances at success? Not asking for help.

Most of the time, when we’re busy with beating our own clocks and meeting our standards, we forget that we can only do so much and start thinking that only us, and us alone, are the captains of the ships that only we, and we alone, can steer towards the big leagues. But it is not true. Letting our ego get in the way of finding effective and relevant help only takes us further from the prize we are eyeing.

Even if the people that you ask for help cannot help you directly, chances are they can point you towards those who can. At worst, asking for help opens doors and windows that can lead us somewhere, and that is always better than being somewhere stuck because we are too proud to let others know we need them.

Finally, it reminds us that none of the humongous successes humanity has done would have been possible if people stuck to going it alone. After all, many of the great people that we know today stood on the shoulders of giants, and had the help that they needed.

Adam explains how asking for help can contribute to your growth not just towards your success, but also towards your growth as a person.

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Be Honest About Needing Help

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Monday, 4 June 2018



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