The Marshmallow Test Is A Lesson About Future Success


In the 1970’s, a famous social-science research was done by a Stanford Psychologist involving a marshmallow. This research was all about teasing 2-year-old children with a marshmallow. They instructed the children to wait for 15 minutes before eating the marshmallow so that they’d get another one. Decades later, they did a follow-up study on those children and found that those who waited for 15 minutes to get an additional marshmallow are successful in life. This test was called the marshmallow test.  

While the objective of the test was very simple, its implication to the human psychology cuts very deep. It begs to ask the question:

“Would you be willing to put in extra hours of work every single day in your life to get the ideal future that you always wanted?”

If you’re willing to work a few extra hours a day to start a side hustle (secondary job or a business) or to study a degree or an extra skill that will advance your career further, you can ensure that you will have a source of income in the future. Maybe a business that will supplement your primary income or a completely different career that can generate you more income than what you’re currently earning.

If you can put in the extra hours now with no reward, you’re already learning the first few steps in leading a successful life. 

Having a stable full-time hustle is important to sustain our financial needs. However, if we want to go further and live a financially free life, we must be willing to invest some of our extra time now on a new skill or a side business to boost our earning potential.

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The Key To Your Success

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Monday, 27 August 2018



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