Two Things That Define You


Not everyone is blessed to be born with silver spoon, it’s like some people have everything and some people have nothing. This is a given fact in the world. We all find ourselves somewhere on the continuum that stretches between nothing and everything.

We can safely assume that the quote, “Two things that define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything,” talks about material possessions. Some people can have very much and other people can have very little materialistically. And whichever state we are in, we have different reactions.

It is given that when we have nothing, we have to be patient as it keeps the hope burning inside. It is true what they say, better days will come, we just have to be really patient while we are working to get away from nothingness. It is easy to say to be patient, but sometimes we feel like there’s no will to carry on anymore and it’s okay, we can rest but we can never get tired.

However, how do we react when we have everything? The quote says “your ATTITUDE defines you when you have everything.” ATTITUDE is vague, there are many attitudes that one could be imposing when one has everything. We say humility, appreciation, gratitude and perspective should be appropriate. Unfortunately, not everyone is like that, some who has everything tend to be superior, conceited and vain.

But the true message of the quotation is that whether we have nothing or we have everything, we are defined by how we think about it, how we feel about it and how we react on it.

So, when we have nothing, patience and hope will keep us going. Hope that things will improve in due course. And patience during the time required for the journey. And when we have everything, cultivate the attitude of appreciation and humility because wealth is not only transitory, wealth sometimes comes to those who least expect it. And wealth is often lost by those who never saw it coming.

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