5 strategies to boosting your income in 2019!


The picture you see above is currently my office.

It’s a cruise ship in Asia.

I spend a lot of time enjoying my freedom.

From playing games with my family to traveling the world.

But the key to this freedom is a sequence of 5 things I have in order.

They let me grow my company while also enjoying my free time. And I guarantee if you do the following 5 things in your business before you will grow exponentially.

1) Have set work hours

I fought this for the longest time.

But having set work hours actually GIVES YOU MORE FREEDOM!!


Because the opposite side of the coin is set FREEDOM HOURS! (How American is that?)

Focused work hours gives your guilt free fun hours.

Try it: I guarantee you, your productivity goes up.

2) Get your head straight

You’re at work, you get distracted, lose focus, a problem comes up, you’re needed at home, you’re losing a big client, and more.

Stop it.

Take up an activity that centers you.

Yoga, meditation, painting.

Whatever you want.

Something that gives you “stillness”

Then when you’re in a stress inducing situation… pause.

Remember the stillness and focus on what needs to be done vs what is being presented to you.

This will reduce your emotional reactions to things, and keep you focused on doing what is actually needed.

3) Streamline your meetings

So much time is lost with coffees, meetings, and catch ups.

Instead of doing each one separately, try combing them into events.

Do dinners or lunches with multiple prospects or staff members.

This does 2 things.

A) it streamlines your time so you spend less time meeting more people.

B) it increases your value so you’re seen as the leader of the group which makes it easier to get the respect and authority you need to grow.

4) Have a plan for failure

When I was a kid, I was told the following lessons by my parents.

#1: $h!t happens

#2: $h!t happens a lot

Remember the first 2 lessons.

So I always have a plan for “what if.”

With a plan for what if; it makes it easier to leap for the goals you want.

After all, if you’ve mapped out exactly what to do when it goes wrong: you don’t have to be worried about the unexpected triggering failures and can focus on growth.

5) Become known

Whatever your business is…it’ll do better if EVERYONE knows about it.

So your prime goal should be getting on everyone’s lips.

Everyone should be talking about you and what you do.

And that starts with you!

You can’t be afraid to stand up and be heard.

After all, if you’re not willing to shout about how great your own business is…

… why should anyone else?

Look at your social media…. when was the last time you spoke about how proud you are of what you’ve done with your company….

If it wasn’t any time recently, now is the best time to start.

Do these 5 things, and I promise: 2019 will be amazing for you.

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