74% of Americans suffer from it. In fact, if you were to ask them about it…they’ll tell you they’re more afraid of IT, than DEATH.

Fear of public speaking is one of the biggest modern phobias. And…if you’re reading this now, you’re probably all too familiar with the ugly feeling of your brain shutting down and refusing to work, right when you need it most. That feeling of nauseating nervousness, those butterflies that won’t ease up, the crazy thoughts running amok in your mind.

It’s easy to let it become a vicious circle: You have a speech, you get nervous, you think you will mess up, you mess up…

In this article, we’re going to teach you how to break the cycle, and give a speech like one of the greats: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, and Barack Obama.

So let’s start with what they have in common…These are all men of great confidence. They ooze it from every pore, from their unwavering gazes, confident body language, and easy pacing… Everything they do and say screams: “I got this”. So, how do we get Tony Robbins-like stage presence? Easy.

communication skills public speaking

1. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and PRACTICE SOME MORE: Start way before the speech. PREPARE, RECITE, PRACTICE! Nothing works better in getting rid of those pre-speech nerves than feeling confident in your material.

When you know what you will say and you have practiced a hundred times it will be easier to present because the chances of you messing up become really low. LEARN YOUR STUFF!

Rehearse in front of a mirror so you know how you look when you’re speaking.

2. Extinguish the fear! Gather a small group of people you feel comfortable with before hand and practice on them. This will help you see other’s reactions and will make you more comfortable speaking in front of a group and you can gradually increase the number every day leading up to the big speech, by that time you will be so relaxed with your presentation that it will be a lot easier to deliver.

communication skills public speaking3. EXERCISE! Not only will exercising improve your health, but constantly exercising during the days before a big speech can build your self esteem, energy, and confidence.

Nothing kills off anxiety faster than a healthy dose of post-workout endorphins.

communication skills public speaking4. Dress sharp. People heavily rely on visual cues like posture and dress to determine whether or not you’re an expert. You don’t need to wear a Versace suit to make a good impression, but make sure what you’re wearing is clean, tailored, and fresh.

The better it fits, the more informed and professional you’ll look. You’ll feel it too. People will laugh at your jokes and pay more attention.

It’s hard not to be confident when you look like a million bucks.

5. Keep it short.
Unless you’re committed to a specific amount of time, ALWAYS keep your speeches short and to the point. No more the 25 minutes MAX. We live in fast times, and human attention spans get shorter every day. There’s no better way to lose all credibility than to keep droning on when everyone else has already checked out.

communication skills public speaking

6. Wait for it…Pause. The best speakers in the world have mastered the art of….the dramatic pause. Words gain more power when you take your time. When you rush through your material, it’s easy for people to make all kinds of bad assumptions about it.

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“He’s really nervous. Did he even prepare for this?”

“Is he trying to sell me something?”
Don’t let them even START down that road. Stand tall, deliver your words with the dignity and power that they deserve.


Still feeling nervous? Here are a few things you you can do the day of the speech to ease your anxiety:

  • Wake up earlier than you would, after a good night sleep
  • Be presentable and greet as many people you come in contact with as this will help you break the ice
  • Walk with confidence
  • Remember ALL those people are there to listen to you, they all want to hear you and learn from you; teach them
  • EYE CONTACT, keep focus and scan the room don’t creep people out but make sure everyone feels enthralled, the more comfortable you look with eye contact the more confident you seem
  • After the successful speech thank everybody that came and if you can personally greet them out, this will make you more likeable and seem more open and again more confident; this will also allow you to feel more at peace with your next presentations

communication skills public speaking

By now you should know that confidence holds the key not only to public speaking but success in general. It will determine how far you go in this life, so make sure you are confident enough to say “I am going far in this life because I owe it to myself”.

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