How to Gain More Customers


I get to work with hundreds of business owners making anywhere from a few billion dollars a year in sales right down to people who are starting their first company. 

When I first work with them, I do a simple assessment to look for simple opportunities they’re missing to increase their profits. Naturally, the easiest way to increase a company’s profits is often to just gain more customers. While this often seems easier said than done, there is often one simple opportunity I’d argue 9 in 10 companies miss that if they took action would result in a dramatic increase in sales.

The opportunity is called Social Proof. 

Social Proof is the natural instinct to look to others for confirmation that we’re doing the right thing. It’s well documented in the book “Influence” by Robert Cialdini. Often people use the following example to explain social proof. 

Imagine walking by a person who is staring at the top of a skyscraper. Suddenly 2 or 3 more people stop and look up to see what the man is looking at. They all just stop in the street staring up at the roof and a 4th and 5th person will stop and do the same. How long before you decide to look up yourself?

This is the concept of Social Proof and it’s a powerful force when it comes to gaining new customers and sales. On a more practical level, how often have you been swayed to purchase a product on a website due to a large number of positive reviews or a testimonial from a friend or influencer you trust?

This is the opportunity I see 9 out of every 10 companies miss. They don’t collect testimonials! (Or they do, but nowhere near enough.) 

A testimonial can be used in 3 different ways to attract new customers. As long as you’re collecting them, they can create an endless loop of new customers, which creates new testimonials, which in turn create new customers! Here are the 3 ways to use testimonials to get more customers for a company no matter how big or small it is.

Using Testimonials #1

You can use testimonials as a social media post or ad to attract new customers. Imagine if every time you had a client achieve a result, you had a video you could share where they explain the success they had due to your product or service. If you had just 1 client a day, you would gain 1 testimonial a day, which then could potentially gain you at least 1 new client a day. Even better, as your audience grows in size, these testimonials will lead to 2-3 sales per testimonial continually expanding your sales and profit.

Using Testimonials #2

You can use testimonials on your website as case studies to help people make the decision to try your product or service. Imagine if every page on your website was packed with testimonials from satisfied customers eager to share their incredible experience of working with you and your brand. This will easily increase the percentage of people who become buyers on your site.

Using Testimonials #3 

You can use testimonials as part of a sales process. Here you’re presenting a particularly powerful testimonial to someone to help them cross the bridge and purchase your product or service. While on the call with a potential customer who hasn’t made the full commitment to try your product or service, you can send them a few testimonials of people who were in a similar situation to them and show them the progress these other clients made. This is more than enough to swing them to purchase.

While it may seem obvious that business owners should collect and include testimonials continuously as part of their customer acquisition strategy, so few companies actually bother doing it and those that do, often rely on customer reviews via an online service like Yelp or Amazon reviews. While they are important too, nothing beats a full case study or testimonial that you’ve taken the time to collect and showcase yourself.

The S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint has a simple testimonial system you can implement to collect case studies on a regular basis from customers at two different parts of their customer journey while also giving you the template all testimonials should follow in order to have the biggest impact. If you’re interested in taking the S.M.A.R.T. Blueprint program, you can apply to join the program by CLICKING HERE.

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