Turn The Volumes Up


Hans Christian Andersen said, when words fail, music speaks. Music affects your soul, it’s just how it is. Have you ever imagined what the world would be like without music? Unimaginable. Music just gives life to everything. Not everyone may agree, but most of the population will, for sure. Almost everybody listens to music, all age brackets and it’s being appreciated by a lot of people from different places. You sure have your own type of music, but it resonates the world. Also, undeniably, it has helped you gain friends especially when your playlists are alike with another individual.

Preferences in music don’t really matter, turn it up if it makes you feel good. If it makes your mood feel better, go ahead turn the volumes up. You can go hip-hop, R&B, house music, EDM, classical, country, it’s all up to you as long as it keeps the good vibe coming in. Music gives you the kind of oomph you need to get by.

Interestingly, music can be your form of communication too. You can’t say what you feel? Send them songs, the lyrics will speak for you and the melody will back you up. It’s like the strongest form of magic if you ever believe in magic. Music is what feelings sound like. Your music describes you, and it also makes you feel you.

Sometimes, music even helps you when no one does, it’s just there. Put those headphones on feel yourself and understand yourself by listening or making music. Music will surely be there, ready to fill in your soul when you are lonely or sad. Music will never make you feel alone. If parts of your brain cannot process speech anymore, too heavy to say, let it all out in a song. Music is beauty so never stop singing in the shower and keep the positivity.

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