7 Tips To Discover Your Confidence


Are you stuck in a rut and unable to move forward because of a lack of confidence? Do you doubt yourself every step of the way by worrying about and regretting things that have occurred in the past that can’t be rewritten? If you don’t do away with your fear that’s keeping you in your comfort zone, you’ll find that building the confidence you need to discover and achieve all of your goals will remain a distant, unattainable dream.

Moreover, a confident you will always be the healthiest and best version of yourself and that is something we all strive for. So whenever you feel fear, start working anywhere from that place you are in that’s clouded with doubt. Because acting on your dreams will build a stronger sense of self-belief and self-esteem. Even if it seems impossible to have total control over every aspect of the situation right now or it remains unclear, you’ll surely have no chance of progression if there’s no action. Taking any step forward could be inspired by even the tiniest moment of confidence, so you’ll have to discover some for a start.

The good news is that there are several ways to discover your confidence and take more control of your destiny. Here are 7 of our favorite tips:

1. Consider the worst possible outcome and ask yourself how bad it would be

It’s quite easy to get lost in a fear that is ill-defined or create your own very improbable scenarios and stop yourself from going through with something based on these.
When you take the time to really consider the worst possible thing that could happen, there’s a clear picture and a bit of your fear starts to dissipate. Most times, you realize the relatively improbable consequences you’ve thought up are not even as bad as they seemed at first. Letting go of what may or may not be and understanding that you need to just act is a quick way to gain confidence.

2. Make a plan to take action and follow through

Discovering confidence is a first step, but the goal should be finding ways to build self-esteem and confidence that is long-lasting. Making a plan gives you a purpose, and once you’ve set your mind on a course of action and refuse to back down, you assert the fact that you’re capable and boost confidence levels. Acting is one of the most effective ways to get your confidence to soar because the results when positive, will motivate you even further.
A lot of times, it’s hard to find our confidence because we are focusing on the wrong aspect of getting it done. International Sports brand, Nike invites people from all over the world to engage in more activities with the slogan “Just Do It!”. This can be applied to every aspect of life; the thought that this “it” does not need to be perfect or easy for you to take action. Finding success from taking action will encourage you to take more risks to achieve more reward and build lasting confidence. First, let go of any obsession with perfection and embrace this mantra: Focus and Finish. Trying to be perfect can always get in the way of just being good and getting anything done and what you truly need is to JUST DO IT!

3. Monitor the tone of your self-talk to ensure it’s all positive

A good percentage of crazy fears we develop are born out of our environment and those things we simply imagine to be one way, but in reality are actually some other way. Since these manufactured fears could prevent you from achieving your full potential in life, you really want to start internally to foster the courage to get moving in spite of the unsureness. Shutting the negative thoughts in your head down and saddling up in spite of pain, fear or doubt, is the only true form of being courageous and a great way to build confidence.
Famous Canadian ice hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, put it plainly when he said, “You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.” Once you stop self-talking in a positive manner, you’re going to be missing a lot of shots. When you start to hear yourself using negative self-talk, suppress that voice as much as you can and refuse all other negative input from outside sources. Pro Tip: For the times you struggle harder with quieting that negative self-talk, wear a rubber band on any of your wrists and snap yourself back to positivity with this painful gag.

4. Reevaluate how you view personal failures

Most of the time, we set our standards for failure according to what our upbringing in a particular society might have taught us to believe.
This is not always the most useful tactic for personal life application and not viewing failure in the right light can cause a drop in confidence even before you attempt anything. Successful people are able to respond quickly to failure and not focus on its downsides too long, which is not the common response most people have.
You need to be able to deal with rejections and personal failures as lightly as possible. Understand that the world does not end when you fail and move on. Focusing on the good parts or the positives from any outcome can help you discover the confidence you need to take the next step. Ask questions like “What can I do to improve the next time?” “What do I know about this now that I didn’t before?”. There’s an abundance of lessons to be learnt from each failure, as well as improvements to be made.
It’s okay to fail on the first try at a new business or career decision, as long as you know it’s what you want and determine how it could be successful in the long run. For every rejection or failure, there are millions of other good opportunities out there to succeed. Learning that you have to fail a few times or more than a few times in order to be successful can help you retain your confidence every time you fail. So embrace personal failures and listen to the feedback it gives you in order to improve and be more confident.

5. Keep a positive crowd close and stay away from nonbelievers

Some people can vacuum any ounce of confidence or self-esteem you may have in you. While these naysayers can’t do much to steal your dreams, they can affect the way to feel about yourself and increase doubt with their negative approach to things. Move any such person out of your group. Keep only positive, supportive people on your Personal Board of Directors. Remember Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.”

6. Just fake it till it happens

Body language is so important in increasing your self-esteem and boosting confidence. Some psychology professors at Harvard University, found from research that an individual’s body language not only has power over them but on others.
It only takes a few minutes to control your thoughts by making adjustments to your body language. Making good eye contact with your subject, putting your chin up, shoulders back and standing or sitting confidently can help you become more confident instantly.
Afraid? Smile your fears away. Use the pen in teeth method to force the smile if you have to, and you’ll see an increase in happiness that in turn raises your confidence levels. Most people who appear to be so confident and sure of themselves, have previously adopted this proven strategy of feigning confidence and high self-esteem until it becomes a reality. And if it’s worked for them, surely why not you?

7. Find your happy place

We tend to lose our sense of humor when bad things happen. But a lack of a sense of humor lowers confidence and self-esteem. Being happy and having a good laugh increases endorphins, which are about 200 times as powerful as morphine in killing pain, and also a good way to boost your confidence.
If it’s exercise that stimulates you or a specific person or thing, then keep it close and go back to it on those days when you really need a push in the right direction. It’s the small things that matter most, different as they may be, that motivate us best to take action and overcome our fears. So find yours today and take advantage of them to increase your confidence.
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