The almighty psych hack Zeus wants you to know

Almighty Psych Hack

There’s one conversation technique that is powerful beyond belief. Something so powerful it probably was knowledge taken from Zeus. Okay maybe not, but it is a way to get extra information from those who aren’t exactly the best talkers. But before we get into the technique, first understand the reasoning behind it working.

A well known study done by Albert Mehrabian asked the question of the impact that facial expressions and spoken words have. During the study, the same word was spoken with different tonalities and subjects were asked to guess the emotion behind the word with and without the help of a picture. To sum it up, the picture helped the subjects determine the emotion of the speaker more accurately at a 3:2 ratio.

What this means is that we pay attention more to a person’s non-verbals more than actual verbals – i.e. you can skip out on the words to your advantage. But how?

Have you ever experienced an awkward silence during a conversation? Or maybe you’ve asked someone a question and they gave you a lame short answer? There’s an easy solution to this using your super special non-verbals. The next time you ask someone a question and they provide a short response, try this. Wait patiently, stay quiet and keep eye contact. They will feel the pressure almost instantly to continue talking. Their mind will tell them “Hey, this person still thinks you’re talking about this topic, better continue where we left off.” This is so powerful! You just expanded a one sentence response to at least two sentences with very little effort.

Maintain eye contact and wait for the other person to speak


Go ahead and try this. Let us know the results you get in the comments below!

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