If you’re shy …you’re not alone. Fully 40% of Americans feel like they struggle in social situations. But today, I’ll teach you a quick and easy system for getting more dates than you know what to do with…even if you’re a shy guy!

The feeling is what gets most of us. That awful feeling you get in your gut when thinking about approaching a girl. The butterflies. The queasy knot in your stomach. The blast of adrenaline pumping through your brain that makes your voice shake. In the end, that stops most shy guys from doing the one thing that matters most.


You hear guys complain about this all the time. Why do girls always go for the guys who seem like jerks? Simply put…because they were the ones who approached. You can’t complain about not catching any fish if you don’t throw a line out.

Now, you may have already lost hope…maybe you believe you’re not meant to find anyone. But chin up, we’ve got 5 easy steps for talking to girls that will leave you feeling confident and suave:

Step 1: Locate. Before you even think of approaching someone scan the area and find the SINGLE lady you feel the most connection with. Connection does mean physical attributes you are attracted to but it also means trying to find cues that help you lay ground. Find tattoos, jewelry, outfit any little thing that may serve as an opener. You’ll also be looking for signs that she WANTS to be approached. Is she holding good eye contact. Did she smile at you? If yes…she wants to talk.

Step 2: Engage. Once you’ve zero’d in, make sure she knows you’ve spotted her. DON’T CREEP! Hold eye contact, smile, and walk up. Do not hesitate. Delaying even a few seconds when she gives you the signs often costs you the moment.

Step 3: Walk the walk. Don’t rush. Walk like you own the place. Don’t be an eager beaver and run up and start gabbing her ear off. Remember, you’re strangers. 🙂

Step 4: Talk the talk. No cheesy lines. Despite happens in rom-coms, cheesy lines are just a bunch of cringe and make you look like a tool. Nothing beats an old-fashioned hello and greeting by name.

REMEMBER her name! And use it often. Be interested, ask questions about her and try to find a common ground so a conversation can come out organically.

Finally, remember this is all about balance. Give and receive, don’t over talk and don’t over listen; make sure the chat is a two-way thing, you are contributing just as much as she is.

Step 5: Closing. You want to move the interaction away from boring platonic chatter. She can talk about her work with ANYONE…her parents, her boss, the security guy who works at her apartment. Stand out out by covering things that are just a little bit risque and playful…it goes a long way. 

Finally, the most important part is this: DON’T ASSUME ANYTHING. Never ever assume that she wants to leave with you just because you had a great conversation or night.

But here’s the thing:
Sometimes knowing what to do…

Doesn’t mean you’ll actually do it. Not because you don’t want to. But because you’re holding yourself back.

Whether it’s because you’re not motivated, intimidated, or scared of failure.

And if you’re struggling with your dating life, despite knowing what needs to be done.

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