Why Most Relationships Fail Within 18 Months or Less


Love is one of the best things about life; in fact, the most romantic of us will say that it is the best thing about life. This is why we invest so much into finding the right person, loving them the best way that we can, and hoping that they stay forever. Sadly, reality does not afford us the fairy tale that we want: most relationships fail within 18 months or less. And while this is sad, it also does not have to be the reality for you. So if you’re looking to get into a relationship, read on, so you can be armed with what you need to know to make it work.

The main reason why relationships don’t work out for the long term is because people put on their best selves at the beginning, get tired, and revert to who they really are. Now, that does not mean that everyone you will meet will be an actor or an actress, but it is common for some of us to feel like we need to be somebody other than who we are to snag somebody’s interest and keep it. But nobody can keep up the act for long, and when we settle into who we really are and show it, our partner feels tricked and wants out.

To enjoy a healthy and lasting relationship, you only need to do two things. First, be exactly who you are. That is more than enough for the right person. In addition, read your partner’s mask and let them allow you to meet the real them. Make them feel comfortable, and remind them that they don’t need to be more or less who they are. When the two of you feel safe enough to let your guards down, you can truly let each other in, and you can find a love that lasts FAR longer than 18 months.

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