7 Ways to stay calm during a crisis


In times of a crisis, it might seem that the easiest answer is to go for xanaex and whiskey to alleviate stress. There are much simpler ways to do this without putting your life, health, or reputation at risk and I am going to give you 7 of them.

Keep your productivity high in the face of a crisis.

1. The first thing you can do to stay calm and quickly stifle panic in a time of crisis is to prepare. To be clear, I am not saying fling yourself into an utter frenzy and put up sand barricades. Simply think about what is bringing you the most stress, and make a simple change to prepare yourself. By giving yourself a minor sense of being more prepared your cortisol will start to decrease.

2. One of my favorite ways to kill stress is to counter it with dopamine. Dopamine is the “reward” chemical your brain releases that counter-acts cortisol, your stress chemical. A quick, easy, productive way to give yourself dopamine is with music. Listening to easy-going, light-hearted, music can boost your mood and relieve stress. Comforting music will help lower your cortisol levels and bring you to a level state of mind as well.

3. Something that goes great with music while allowing dopamine to decrease your stress levels is being productive. Your productivity is directly related to the “reward” brain chemical. Set some simple tasks that you can quickly complete and unlock that sweet dopamine to counteract your stress hormones. This will bring you into a calm state quickly

Next is the secret of being productive during a crisis.

4. After completing a task, take a second and reflect on your accomplishments. Not only will this keep the dopamine surge running, but you will also develop a sense of pride. Things might not look so bad or challenging once you take a look at your accomplishments. The cause of your stress could pale in comparison to the other accomplishments you’ve made.

5. Self-reflection, music, productivity are all great to ease your stress. But, there is another chemical that is a great de-stressor. That chemical is oxytocin and it comes from making connections with others. As humans, we need to be social and this is a great way to remain calm in a crisis. Even with social distancing, stay connected via text, phone calls, or video chats and you will feel better.

Just one of the countless reasons to always give value to others.

6. Another great way to connect with others in a time of crisis is to offer help. You can knock on your neighbor’s door and offer a hand. Or join a charity that offers help in a crisis. This is an amazing way to have a sense of community, comfort, and calm during a crisis. You will have plenty of people to interact with not just by working together but the people you help as well. By helping others you connect your productivity and accomplishments to help ease stress.

7. A simple and easy way to remain calm in a time of crisis is to crack open a good book and find a comfortable place to read. You can double your dopamine by listening to music while reading. Allow your mind to focus on the book and flood your brain with dopamine which will lower your cortisol (stress) levels.

So there you have it, 8 ways to stay calm during a crisis and only one of them involves self-harming drug use. There are plenty of other ways to remain calm in times of crisis. It all comes down to understanding how to control your brain chemistry.

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