How to handle the impact COVID-19 is having on your life


This might seem like the ending sequence of the movie Titanic. The ship is going down and there is nothing you can do about it. Even though the ship isn’t sinking instantaneously, things are happening much faster than you expected. The obvious thing to say is “don’t panic” just relax and handle things accordingly. Nothing is more irritating than hearing someone say “relax”  when it seems like the world is collapsing around you.

Here is a quick guide to help you through a panic scenario so that you aren’t compelled to smack someone who is annoying you in a crisis situation.

Take a deep breath

Not to sound like every other person in a crisis scenario, but take a deep breath! Nice long deep breaths even for a minute will calm you down rapidly and allow stress to deplete. Flood your brain with oxygen and feel the sweet benefits of dopamine, the reward chemical, as it soothes your stress away. Something that makes this so powerful is that you can do this simultaneously with any situation you are handling. Stress is a common occurrence during this COVID-19 outbreak, so keep this destressing tool ready.

If breathing isn’t doing enough for you it’s time to play soothing music. Before you go and put on a meditation soundtrack or bongo drums, let’s be clear on something. The music you listen to in order to distress can be anything. So long as it’s soothing for you. Pick the genre that brings you comfort and presence. If there is one thing to take away from this COVID-19 pandemic it’s that the way we all handle it will be different.

What if music isn’t available during a stressful moment? How can I bring myself out of panic?

The oldest trick in the book

This is one of our favorite tricks to come out of a stressful mindset. Go pee! Yes, go use the bathroom and while you’re there make sure to breathe. By doing this you allow yourself a quick little restart and can come back to the situation with a fresh perspective. Just make sure to wash your hands because, you know, COVID-19 and germs.

Part of what makes the bathroom technique so effective is the scene change. You are leaving the stressful scene and going into a new place for a moment to clear your head. This is a good thing to do whether you need to pee or not. If you can’t justify a bathroom break then go into a different room, or open a window and poke your head out. Going outside is great for this, although thanks to COVID-19 you might not have this option. After feeling the weight of a crisis it doesn’t matter how you change scenes, just do something to clear your mind.

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The last thing to help remain calm in a crisis is to talk it out or vent. Now let’s clarify that this is the riskiest way to destress from something. The reason being that it’s easy to talk yourself into a deeper pit of stress if you are venting to the wrong person. To make sure you avoid becoming more stressed make sure the person you are talking to is some you can trust to keep things calm. This is a last resort tactic because as we are seeing through the COVID-19 outbreak, everyone is susceptible to panic.

Share your challenges with others that care.

A great place to vent and get second opinions on stressful situations is in our Facebook group. It’s called Psych Hackers. Connect with others like yourself that want to excel in life. Join us and learn how to control your psychology and understand the power of brain control.

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Now that you know how to de-stress you can share this guide with others. They’ll appreciate it more than a simple “don’t panic”. Keep in mind that this guide is to help you solve problems during a crisis. There are other people enduring stress through their COVID-19 outbreak. If you know someone that needs to hear “just relax”, send this guide their way.

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