How You Can Be The Luckiest Person In The World


My family and I have been in the press recently, and a lot of people have started calling me “the luckiest man in the world”. But the has nothing to do with luck. I’m not in my relationship by accident, I don’t drive a Maserati by accident, I don’t have my 40 acre ranch by accident, I don’t have 2 homes by accident; none of this was by lucky accident.

The fact is that I followed some simple psychological hacks to get to where I am today, and I’ve created a way for you to learn each of these hacks as well! I’ve got one for Each one of these hacks helps you with a different area of your life.


I spent 10 years studying, learning and practicing dating. I learnt from the world’s foremost experts on the subject. One of the many important things I learned is that it’s always a mistake trying to turn someone into the person you want them to be; you have to know how to find a person that already has the qualities that matter most to you. That’s how I found my girlfriends. I found girls who were already open to this kind of relationship, who wanted the same things I wanted. I went to the right places and hung with the right crowds until I met them. But if you want to learn one of the biggest, I’ve got the Psych Hack you can use to learn to do it in the series you can get from clicking the link below:

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Getting my body in shape was a tricky one for me. I love sweet things, and it was really easy for me to get out of shape and put too much weight on. Some people spend ages everyday working on their body spending a couple of hours at the gym every day, and over the course of a year, they finally see marginal improvement. I’m far too busy to be able to spend that long in the gym everyday. Nor did I want to wait that long for success. So while I kept up a modest gym schedule, I tackled my eating. I found that simply creating a meal-prep plan, that meant that the easiest food to get for me at any point, was always the healthiest. One of the most common problems that causes people to be overweight is that they snack because snacks are so s quick and easy to get. Now as for the gym… going regularly can be hard, but not when you rewire your brain to want to work out! If that’s something that interests you, click the link below:

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This was a big one for me. Changing my thought process enabled me to see opportunities for success in the world. Stopping my brain focusing on what was going wrong, and starting focusing it on what was going right, how I could expand on what was working. When something went wrong, it was hard to focusing on the action steps to get me where I need to go instead of beating myself up over things. But I learned that looking for positivity in the world, creates more positivity! If you look for the good points, the learning points, the self-development and personal improvement points from any situation, you will find them. If you want to improve your outlook and feel more confident, check this out:

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Outside of work, I’ve managed to build the exact kind of social life I want. A lot of what I learned in dating helped with this. Remember that dating hack from earlier? It’s not about trying to change people to fit with your interests. Most people gravitate to becoming friends with the people they are just in close proximity to, such as school friends, or workplace friends, just because they’re in the same place, not because they have things in common. Starting a meetup groups for something you’re interested in can help you find people with similar interests, who’ll then see you as a social leader! I’ve got so many other tips like this to building your perfect social life. If you want to learn more about building your networking and social skills, click the link below to learn more!

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Lots of people have a 9-5 career, where they work to make other people rich. Frankly as long as you’re working for other people, in 99% of jobs, you’ll never be free. That said, I wouldn’t usually advise someone to suddenly quit their job to start a business – you should keep your day job – but work on starting a business on the side, in your spare time! The 9-5 pays the bills, and your business is something you work on till it can comfortably sustain you. I worked very hard trying to start a business myself, and failing at first. It wasn’t until I hired a mentor that had already been through the struggles I was facing, that I actually started to see success! Trying to reinvent the wheel just takes as long as it took the first guy to do it, and there’s no point, or benefit to you! Find someone who’s already achieved what you’re trying to achieve, ask them the steps they took to see success, and just model those same steps that already worked for them. I mentor several business students now, and out of everything I do, being a mentor is the most rewarding. If this is something that interests you, if you want to learn more about how to find mentors, and getting the dream life, or whatever else you’ve always wanted, click the link below to learn more!

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