Top 3 hacks to working remotely


There used to be a special kind of status that came with remote work. Now in this Corona Virus quarantine world, remote work is all we have. After a few weeks, you might notice some difficulties with getting projects completed. The good news is that you no longer have to deal with “Funny Guy” Dave on a personal level. But there are some things that still block progress and focus.

Here are our top 3 hacks to work remotely and be productive.

1 – Separate your “work” and “home”

Remote work doesn’t mean that your workspace can’t be separate from where your living space. Create a workstation and put yourself into a working state of mind. Despite the Corona Virus situation, you can take breaks outside to recharge throughout the day. It’s important to take those moments and bring yourself back out of the work station in spurts.

Create a space for remote work to allow better focus
2 – Block out noise

Blocking out noise is one of the best hacks around to become productive and crank out quality work. It seems like the world is quiet in this Corona Virus quarantine world. But internal noise is still relevant and distracting. Use repetitive music that is easy to listen to and block out your internal monologue. This allows you to ignore the noise that comes from within yourself as much as the outside world. We recommend using the same playlist to this as it will condition your brain to get into focus.

3 – Block out social distractions

Despite being in a Corona Virus quarantine, there are still social distractions that will hurt your productivity. Tt’s essential you block these distractions while working. Turn your phone on airplane mode to prevent calls even if it’s for 20-30 minutes. This will give you a good sprint of productivity. Follow through with this and you will see your productivity skyrocket.

Despite “funny guy” Dave no longer being an issue, isolation can be difficult. The work environment was once the place that solidified friendships. Now with the Corona Virus taking away our ability to socialize, it’s time to get creative.

Learn how to separate your personal and working relationships here:

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