Once you’ve mastered these 9 techniques you’ll be able to shed weight like an Olympic athlete. Not only will you be in the best shape of your life…you’ll actually start ENJOYING your workouts.

Now if you’re here because you’re after a magic pill, miracle diet, or some sexy new breathing technique that burns “stubborn belly fat”, this isn’t that kind of article.

We’ve all felt that euphoric excitement moments before starting a new diet regimen, and we’ve also felt the horrible disappointment when we inevitably fail. 99 times out of 100, this is because we focus on short, fast fixes that promise the moon, and deliver very little. The truth is…most of these “quick fixes” are simply focused on the wrong thing. There is no “magic” pill that miraculously makes us lose weight. What we all need is to change the way we look at diet and weight loss, once you get that down you can start shredding weight like athletes do:


1. Hack your mind: By understanding that losing weight is more than just depriving yourself in the short term, you start to realize that getting HEALTHY means changing your behavior and breaking bad habits. This is why athletes succeed: they know that their body comes from a lifestyle not a 30-day diet.

To succeed in the long haul you need to understand and accept that you’ve committed to a marathon, not a sprint.

2. Be diet savvy: Inform yourself about healthy foods and understand what YOUR body needs in terms of calories, carbs, proteins and fats, as well as trying to eliminate excessive amounts of sugars. You can take a quick test here to figure it out!

AVOID false advertising about fat-free and 100% cane sugar – just because something is “fat free” or made from “real sugar” doesn’t mean it won’t make you gain weight.. Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up taste, this is why you inform yourself. The more you know the easier it becomes to maintain this lifestyle.

weight loss psychological hacks


3. Get your brain chemicals on your side! REWARD yourself! Allowing yourself one “cheat” day a week allows you to be mentally stable throughout the process and helps you stay positive. Cheat days are a great form of positive reinforcement, you had a great week of eating healthy then you reward yourself with your favorite food for one day, then this becomes a habit: eat healthy so you can reward yourself later. You want your mind to become accustomed to the feeling of reward coupled with the week of healthy eating.


4. Destroy your stumbling blocks: PUNISH bad habits! Cheat days can sometimes stretch into cheat WEEKS. Whenever you find yourself slipping, introduce some negative reinforcement and deprive yourself of something you really enjoy as punishment or remove an allowed cheat day for a coming week.

Missed a run because you “didn’t feel like it”? Skip TV for the week.
Didn’t go to the gym because you forgot? Spend 20 minutes listening to Rebecca Black’s “Friday” on repeat.

The more accountable you are to your goals, the easier it gets in the long run!

weight loss psychological hacks


5. DIG DEEP! Understand that your bad habits stem from something deeper. Do you eat more calories than you need? Try and understand why you indulge in hedonistic eating. Visit a shrink if you like! Once you solve these deeper issues, you’ll notice your bad habits start dropping like flies..

Meditation can help dig deep in your mind and also reduce stress and anxiety (both triggers to binge eating). Behavioral therapy can also be beneficial, anything that get’s you thinking on your old habits and how destructive they are.


6. Hack your social groups:  Tell as many people as you can about your goals. Not only will this make it more of a reality but you may also feel more pressured to actually accomplish them.

The more people know about your goals the more support you are likely to receive. You want this; tell people you need help do not shy away from your close ones, emotional support goes a long way. The more people you have backing you up the easier it all becomes.

weight loss psychological hacks


7. Think big picture: . Always think about the long term. As soon as you start thinking about the short term you will get discourage and you will kill your goals before reaching them.

Above all else, don’t get discouraged. Changes won’t happen immediately but it makes things easier when you focus on the big picture. If you like aesthetics then think of all the weight that is just going to melt off, if you like healthy living, then think about all the health problems you’re going to avoid; whatever drives you, find it and do not let go of it.

Once you know what you want, it will be hard to give up because you will finally understand how possible it actually is.

weight loss psychological hacks


8. Arm yourself with data! Keep a food log. This is incredibly helpful when starting, it will help you keep track of what you eat and help you manage your macros (carbs, proteins, fats) and also keep a calorie count.

The food log can also show you when it’s time to diversify your meals as to not get bored them, if you get bored you run the risk of quitting.


9. START NOW! The longer you put it off the further you set yourself back, be ahead of the curb and do something for yourself today!

Remember, this is going to feel overwhelming at first. There’s a reason why you didn’t go down this road before. It looks like a TON of hard work.

Ignore your instincts on this one.

weight loss psychological hacks

If you can commit to just a few of these hacks, it’s enough to get the ball rolling. You can come back and add more later.

Now, if you’re like most people, you probably already understand that these tips will help…odds are you’ve even heard these bits of advice before. You might even be convinced that they’ll work.

Just one problem.

You don’t want to do them. You’re stuck when it comes to motivation!

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