Don’t Listen To What They Say – Go See


Traveling is a way of learning new things and cultures. It is a great experience to be traveling to places you really want to visit. Some say it’s time and money that hinders them to travel and experience the world. It’s true though, people are grinding, too serious about earning money but not giving themselves time to unwind.

Euphoric, you may call it that when you learn new things from traveling. Going around solo, with family or friends, always sounds like a good idea. However, there are things to consider when you travel, people say money, time and courage. Money because you have to get things ready, budget everything, write your itinerary and book tickets ahead of time. Having had mentioned booking tickets ahead of time, that’s where time comes in. Do you have time? For the working class like most of us, do you have leave credits or will your boss allow you to go on vacation leave? Yes, work is good, but you know once in a while you have to go someplace you have never been before. Traveling makes you forget things that give you stress. Lastly, courage because not everybody is courageous enough to go out there, walking around unfamiliar streets solo. You tend to wait until your family or friends are available to travel with you. It’s okay, but it’s also great to travel around by yourself and feel yourself outside of your comfort zone and it will make you independent.

Appreciating cultures and ways of life by yourself or with your best company is amazing. You will realize how tiny the place you occupy in this world and expand your horizon. Once you have started traveling and go on trips, you will surely look for it and it will be the best addiction you can have just yet. With regards to the money though, it will come back, just grind hard but travel harder. Don’t just listen to what people say about a certain place or country, go see for yourself.

Best advice, travel while you still can… as much as you can… as far as you can.

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