How To Earn By Speaking On Stage


Most people are afraid to speak on stage in front of a handful of people, but persuasive speakers rise high fast are in high demand. Not only is this profession lucrative, but it’s also a second job that can potentially give you good side income.

Most speakers are invited to speak to the stage once they earn and establish a certain impression of status or expertise. If a speaker hosts a teleseminar series then at the end of 8-10 weeks a product is available to be sold since all of the interviews were recorded. Offer to speak for other speakers on a topic that would supplement their product. Joint venture partners usually offer commission payouts of 20-50% commissions.

There are many ways to earn money with public speaking, and here are a few examples to begin with!

1. Get paid for your speaking engagements

You may have to speak a few times for free but the goal is to get booked and get steady streams of testimonials, referrals, and income. Of course, the point for most public speakers is to get paid to speak, but an added benefit is that you get to help people with your message. With time other means of income will naturally branch out from your speaking skill.

As a speaker, you must become a shameless marketer. You cannot get the bookings you desire if you just sit in your home waiting for things to happen. Your step to becoming a wealthy public speaker starts with your marketing skills.

2. Sell your knowledge

Being a public speaker means that you have an expertise over something. If you are getting your fair share of bookings, then chances are, you are already regarded as an authority on a particular subject. You can create products relevant to your topics and sell this to the public. Commonly these products are books, CD’s, and other informative resources.

3. Mentoring programs

Speakers are highly regarded in their niche. No matter what the niche you are into, you will be perceived as an expert because you talk the talk and (hopefully) walk the walk. People will be wanting your personal services and that is for sure. So as a professional in the field, you can provide mentoring programs for individuals in need of your expert help.

You can provide consulting services and package deals for the market to avail. This can be a great source of easy income.

This may not seem like a job for everyone, but it can actually be learned! You don’t become a well-versed speaker overnight, but it’s a process that combines your expertise with public speaking. This craft may be a nightmare to some, but it’s one that isn’t really hard to conquer.

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Posted by Psychology Hacker on Wednesday, 24 October 2018


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