How You Perceive Things Might Explain Why You Don’t Have the Things You Want in Life


One of the most popular gauges used in life to determine our perspectives is whether we think a glass is half full or half empty. In many ways, there are solid bases for why this is: first off, the way we perceive things is the anchor through which we proceed with things. In addition, our perceptions allow us to define our approaches, and consequently impact our decisions.

However, did you know that categorizing something as ‘half full’ or ‘half empty’ is not that beneficial, in the long run? In fact, this simplistic approximation of things may exactly be why you don’t have the things that you want in life right now.

You see, when you only see something as half-full or half-empty, you don’t actually get a realistic view of them. Favouring one position over the other does not make a complete picture. Sure, it can argue whether you are a optimist or a pessimist and enable you to prepare accordingly, but it does not give you anything concrete to build with.

When you think something is half-full, you tend to be overly appreciative of it that you may miss out on the necessary realisation that, in actuality, it is not the best that you can have. Similarly, if you think something is half-empty, you can get stuck in believing that you cannot have it better. And both are false, harmful, and not absolute.

It does not matter whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. You see, the reality is: it is half a glass of water. It is better than a completely empty glass, yes, but it is not yet a full glass. Your decisions and your actions can determine whether you will enjoy the rewards of filling it up to the brim with what you want, and you can act on it accordingly.

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