Important Qualities Of A Leader


There are behaviors that make a great leader, as well as misconceptions about the role. The key points of being a great leader are only a few and everything else is situational. It is up to you as a leader what effective approach you will use that suits the need of the organization.

It is also important for you to understand that there is no universal archetype of a leader and traits may differ a lot. Your personality and capabilities usually give you the opportunity to climb the leader ladder. Qualities of a great leader should be dependent on the leader’s vision, situation, team, and organization.

The following are characteristics that have been successful traditionally, but all may not be necessary for you to adapt. As a leader, it is up to you to identify what qualities will help your team profit. Good leadership demands emotional strengths and behavioral characteristics which can draw deeply on a leader’s mental and spiritual reserves.


A leader must be complex and dynamic. If you are a leader, you must know how to easily cope with the environment and situations. Adaptability stems from objectivity, which in turn stems from emotional security and emotional maturity.


One quality of a great leader is to know how to delegate tasks according to the person’s skill sets. A great leader must master delegation by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team. Give responsibility to your team and prioritize your own tasks.


You must be a good communicator. Communicate the goals you have for the team and let them share their views on it too. Be an approachable leader with an open-door policy. Be specific and listen to your team. Always be fair.


In order to gain your team and management’s trust, you must be confident in what you do. You are your team’s role model. There will be a constant stream of threats towards your organization, whether that might be new industry standards and training, new technologies or even a new competitor determined to drive away your customers, but it’s important to stay composed.


Stay determined. Motivate yourself as you motivate your team. There will be low times but if you work alongside your team, you will surely be successful. Combined efforts go a long way.


It is important for a leader to master intuition skills as you will surely face challenges. There may be times when there is no clear route to take, especially when the stakes are high. Find the energy to remain calm so that this is reflected in your team and use your knowledge and integrity to develop a strategic plan of action.

These qualities will surely help you as you go on and will greatly affect your performance as a leader. However, things could be situational, and some approaches may come out unique.

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