Never Give Up On Your Dreams


We all have dreams, not just the ones we experience when sleeping but the ones that keep us going. Growing up, we paint our minds with thousands of dreams we could think of. We often wonder, what could we become when we grow up. As they say, dreaming is free so why not dream big? This is because, at a young age, the kind of responsibilities we have aren’t that difficult, we are not pre-occupied and mostly, we are focused. Also, we still have the enthusiasm to conquer the world.

However, as we grow a little older and experience life each day, we hit obstacles, we fail on things, we lose our enthusiasm and self-esteem because the real world is slowly showing its true colors. Then, we stop believing in ourselves and we stop trying to achieve our ambitions. Our ambitions and dreams tend to fade away.

Furthermore, we start to settle for mediocrity. Is mediocre good? It could be, but we can always do better. We must realize many things, after going through a lot in life. Instead of losing hope and turn dreams into wishes, we must get back on track and cope with the real world. It is a fast world, some people may discourage us, but we must stick with people who encourage us to do better every day. We must live our vision and get back on track by starting to believe in ourselves again, keeping our circle positive and leaving all the toxicity behind. There is a right timing for everything and always trust your timing.

Lastly, we can always learn from the movie “A Cinderella Story” where Sam, portrayed by the actress Hilary Duff said, “Never let the fear of striking stop you from playing the game.” It gives us hope, the goal, our dreams are just there waiting for us. We may stumble, fall, and shut down for a little bit but we never give up on our dreams.

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