The One Job We All Actually Have


In the world we live in, we are all guilty of the thinking that we are what we do. If we are asked to talk about ourselves, chances are we first bring up our job positions, because we know that our careers help define the kind of people that we are. And there are many professions out there, and we ascribe a certain value to each. But did you know that everyone in the world who has a job has the same job? That is… sales.

Many of you will not agree that you’re in sales but think about it. The moment you graduated from college, the first thing that you thought of is how you can get yourself a job. You know that there are tools and resources that you need to use to make your name stand out among the pool of candidates and competitors, and you do your best to look impressive enough to be personally invited for an interview. You know you had to sell yourself. And once you got the job, you had to keep selling yourself and your skills in order to keep it.

Companies don’t fire people who make them money; companies let go of those whom they think are liabilities, in terms of their capacity to make a profit. It may not sound very gentle, but it’s the truth. And the sooner that we accept and understand that we are in the business of sales, the easier it is to live up to our goals. If you want to ask for a raise, if you want a promotion, heck, if you want to put up your own company, your way will be clearer if your mind is clearer on the reality that in order to succeed, what you need to do is sell yourself better.

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Posted by Psychology Hacker on Monday, 2 July 2018


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