The Reason You Don’t Have Self-Motivation


You do not have self-motivation. In fact, no one does! Why? Because in reality, there’s no such thing as one. Maybe there is, but it isn’t exactly our general idea of “self-motivation.” Rather, it’s just a burst of energy, not the remedy that we think could cure our laziness or procrastination.

Most people want self-motivation because they think it’s the thing that will help them achieve the goals that they’ve set for themselves – go to the gym, start financial trading, get a new job. However, hoping and relying on self-motivation to push you to do these things is unrealistic. 

Sitting around waiting for self-motivation to magically take over you just don’t work. What you need instead is self-discipline.

Self-discipline is a trait that you can actually learn and develop. It’s not driven by any reward or random thoughts. Thus, it’s easier to invoke when we need it.  In fact, we don’t need to invoke self-discipline since it becomes an innate trait when we’ve developed it. 

Self-motivation often only gives you flashes of inspiration to do something, and it’s as fleeting as how random it can be. This makes self-motivation unsustainable and unreliable because it does not necessarily make a person consistent.

What happens to self-motivation most of the time is that it inspires you to work now but there’s no guarantee that you’ll still feel the same a few days or a week after. Thus, not everyone who just relies on self-motivation usually achieves the goals or succeeds in their endeavors.

On the other hand, self-discipline is a mental conditioning that will push you to do things that you need to do whether or not you’re motivated. It will lead to consistency, the virtue which is one of the biggest keys to success.

So, if you have a fitness goal that you want to achieve, a project that you need to finish, or just a job to get done, don’t wait for self-motivation to happen. Discipline yourself to keep working despite the internal struggles. 

Successful businessmen, for example, are just like everyone else. They get tired and demotivated, but they still get things done. Basically, they don’t work or keep going because they’re motivated all the time, but because they’ve disciplined their minds to do so despite the odds. 

So, the next time you feel demotivated, ask yourself, is self-motivation really the solution?

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The reason you don’t have self motivation.

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Friday, 20 July 2018


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