How To Network Like Tai Lopez


Few people have capitalised off social media and networking as much as Tai Lopez has. He’s somewhere next to the Kardashians, although some will say it’s a completely different world of entrepreneurship entirely. And if you haven’t heard of him, you likely have little interaction with YouTube, Twitter or Facebook or have been living under a rock the past ten or so years.

In Tai Lopez’s Twitter profile, he offers some insight into what he’s all about. The last part of his profile is coined from the very basis on which he’s built his brand, a reiteration of the American Dream. In summary, what he’s telling the world is his version of “I was once poor, now look at me”- a method he’s chosen to inspire others to take steps for themselves in order to come up in the world as he has. His infamous tag line “Here in my Garage” YouTube videos feature him wearing casual clothing and holding on to a phone camera. He’s posed in the garage of his impressive California mansion where his luxury cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari and Rolls Royce are just nonchalantly in the background. A tactical location for filming I might add, because he’s selling you a lifestyle and you are bound to believe it if you see it, right?

Networking and proper use of social media are two things that took Tai Lopez from living on a friend’s couch and not having more than a few dollars to living in a West Hollywood mansion and owning more fancy cars than he could possibly need. A college dropout who used to work at GE Capital, he went on to invest in several businesses. Then, he dabbled in wealth management and around the financial sector before he became a founder, advisor and Keynote speaker, mentoring multiple million-dollar business owners.

If you do your research on Mr. Lopez, you’d come across several theorists claiming he is a fraud and offering dubious proof of their statements. It appears however, that he has strategically built himself a personal brand through networking and creating beneficial partnerships both online and offline.

In a recent Twitter/Instagram post, he captioned a photo at a Clippers game where he was court-side hanging out with the TOP Dog manager who is in charge of one of the hip hop industry’s biggest names, Kendrick Lamar. His advice on this post was to never stop networking wherever you find yourself. This rings true as the man himself never misses an opportunity to network. Tai Lopez does everything he can to open new doors for business connections and create bridges to new worlds using established figures and posting photos with them on social media. He remains active on YouTube where he started off but has also amassed a decent amount of followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the newer platforms like Snapchat and Periscope.
Perusing through any of his pages, you’d find that he knows just how to grow his brand and has created a strategy to do so, leaving a notable impression on those he comes in contact with. Whether positive or negative, Tai aligns himself with business gurus, professional basketball players, music executives and anyone and everyone who could pose valuable in building his network and business thereon. He attends all kinds of events from the Oscars and Grammys to the Super Bowl, allowing him to connect with many different audiences.

At the start of this year, Entrepreneur magazine, listed Tai Lopez as the #1 social media strategist to look out for in 2017. According to them, he is ahead of everyone else and has been massively successful in engaging his followers in several ways that have been effective and highly profitable. He does this by focusing on merging entertainment (what people love to see) and education (encouraging people to read and sharing wisdom from books he’s read) in a way that is unconventional and does not sit well with some people, but a lot more efficient than formal education systems.

The results? Tai Lopez boasts one of the most popular TEDx talks and has a successful 67 Steps program that over 100, 000 people worldwide have used to grow their businesses and careers.

So how do you get Tai Lopez kind of results? Here are some tips: Make new connections every step of the way. Attend networking events or social events because each new contact could be a business opportunity or a means of growing your brand. Engage your audience or potential customers by offering content that is valuable and helpful to them professionally.

Attracting a bigger audience is half of the job, but you’ll need to have a strategy to keep them interested and influence their decisions in order for them to take action that can benefit your business.

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