Why ‘A Penny For Your Thought’ is More Realistic and Important Now Than Ever


In the old days, our parents used to say, “a penny for your thoughts” when they caught us sitting quietly, deep in thought. Before, it used to be an innocuous little phrase that was only meant to entice us out of our silent reverie and open up.

But in our increasingly digital reality, it has turned into one of the most realistic, important, and even sinister statements that can predict the way things are going to unfold, from here on in.

The biggest reason for this is that social media has turned into the go-to platform for communication. We conduct what would have been face-to-face conversations through chats, and personal interactions through call or video.

In many ways, these have provided unrivaled ease and convenience to many of us, as we are accorded with functionalities that equip us with tools to stay in touch with people who are important to us even if we cannot do it in person. However, these have also paved the way for a potential future where we will most probably need to pay to play if we want our thoughts to be heard.

You know this if you are an entrepreneur trying to grow your business on the Internet, or an avid user of social networking websites. The algorithms used by Google, Facebook, and other platforms have throttled our communication to such an extent that the best way to ensure that our voices are heard may be to pay.

If you want to stay relevant, you need to be visible. And for you to be visible, you may have to cough up a ‘penny for your thoughts’. And if it ever turns out to be actually just a penny, we’ll be lucky. At the end of the day, we need to contend with this new reality, and we need to prepare for it, even if that means throwing in some cash.

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