In this article you’ll learn how to become a master networker…all while saying next to nothing. It takes less than 10 minutes to learn, and the payout is tremendous. Bear in mind, this is professional grade networking advice. Being a good networker not only DIRECTLY affects what kind of job you work (cushy or otherwise), those skills have a BIG say in who you wind up dating.

86% of people don’t realize this about networking… the other 14% are too busy having the time of their lives.

But the fact is, once you understand THIS simple principle…you’ll be 10x more effective at it. In fact MOST of networking comes down to one rule.

Spend more time listening than talking. In fact the more you can get them talking and feeling good about talking, the better you’re doing.

Listening is extremely important, it can make or break careers, be the deciding factor between an A or an F or the reason the cute girl from the bar leaves you with two full drinks and a crushed ego.

So why does it seem so hard to stay focused when another person is talking? The answer is simple. We’re wired that way. Our ancient ancestors were survivors. They needed to stay alert! And that means, you can’t focus on any ONE thing for too long.

If you were paying too much attention to the basket you were weaving and not getting distracted by say…the sound of a mountain lion sneaking through the grass…you didn’t make it!

So how do we turn biological need for distraction around…AND make you into a TOP TIER networker? Easy. Below we’ve got 4 simple ways to push your active listening skills through the roof.

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1) EYE CONTACT. This is as much about communicating respect as it is creating the right atmosphere. If you’re shifty-eyed people naturally assume you’re less trustworthy. If you make strong eye contact, people feel like they’ve really connected with you, like you “get” them. But for many introverts, this is a HUGE problem.

If you’re anything like the introverts we work with, staring at people’s eyes for long swaths of time is really uncomfortable. It feels creepy. So here’s the work around: try and learn the color of their eyes. Look for the little speckles and details.

When you give your mind something to distract it from the goal (strong eye contact) things stop being awkward instantly. If it’s still uncomfortable, look at their eyelashes instead of the actual eye.

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2)      DON’T JUDGE. Good conversation comes from having the right vibe. Remember the goal from earlier? Listen more, talk less? This is WAY easier to do when your partner feels like they can talk about anything with you. Once you understand how to do this, you’ll have people coming back and THANKING you for listening to them and making them feel at ease.

3)      REINFORCE. Let them know you’re listening. The easiest way to do this is to try and learn as MUCH about their area of expertise as possible. Make it a game to become the expert by the time things wrap up. People REALLY like talking about the things they’re good at. Throw in your own opinions from time to time without being intrusive or rude. And…if it feels like you’re talking about yourself too much, throw them another question!

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4)      GO WITH THE FLOW. Just because a conversation started off on sharks, doesn’t mean you need to wrack your brain trying to remember everything you learned on TV from shark week. It’s easier, for instance to talk about how their teeth regrow, and how if you had a superpower, it’d be doing that instead of visiting the dentist and flossing. Boom, now we’re on to something new. Every jump you make, helps keep the conversation fresh. Just don’t do it when they’ve just started talking about something they’re really passionate about.

So that wraps up today’s tips!

There is nothing more awful when you’re out than meeting a person who only talks about themselves and never seems to listen to you.

And if you use everything you learned today…you’ll never be that guy.

The problem most introverts have? Putting this stuff to use.

If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to collect information and just sit on it.

Because when it comes down to it, getting out there and socializing can be intimidating. Especially when your comfort zone is at home, in bed, with a hot cup of Joe and a good book.

  • Maybe you worry about being judged.
  • Maybe you get nervous or anxious when you’re out in public and you don’t know why.
  • Maybe you just want to be a little more confident, so people will take you seriously.

We’ve put together a free 7 Masterclass Course for you.

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