The Deadly Truth Behind Laughing


There’s a truth behind every laugh and when you know that truth… it’s deadly. Okay it’s not really deadly but the greatest part is after you learn this truth, you can use it to figure out chemistry between a group of people quite quickly even if you just met them today.

A key psychological study done by a group of people (you can look up Norman P. Li on perspective of humor) found that humor can function as a strategy to initiate and monitor social relationships.

This can be broken down into a variety of explanations such as we enjoy telling jokes to people we like in order to gauge where our relationship is at (ever notice when you’re in a romantic relationship your significant other laughs at even your bad jokes?)

But there is something really cool you can take away from this. When we are laughing, we look at the person whom we want to maintain a relationship with most. It isn’t an absolute, but it does happen quite often and it’s something to take note of.

Friend's Laughing

This is incredible knowledge to know because with a simple joke you can find out exactly who likes who the most. When you’re in a house party, a bar, an event, you can look around and gauge for yourself who cares most about who. Not only is this a great conversation piece to start with someone who enjoys people watching, but it’s a great skill set to have with the people already in your life. The next time you are with your group friends, crack a joke and see who your true best friend is (hint: the one looking at you!). There may be a chance all of them look at you and that’s a great place to be socially.

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