Use This Method To Stay Motivated


Motivation is the driving force that keeps us moving towards our ultimate goal.  It’s a product of our mind that helps us to be productive, enthusiastic, and ecstatic in doing what we have to do. It makes us believe in possibilities!

Circumstances can easily influence our motivation. When unexpected things happen, or when our efforts don’t pay off, our motivation easily gets corrupted.

While getting demotivated may seem like a conscious decision, failure or the inability to provide enough results for validation can negatively impact your subconscious.

That’s why some people tend to go down the wrong road without realizing it.  While some just voluntarily pull over, give up completely, and let destiny take its course.  

Just like any other emotions, motivation isn’t constant.  It’s a fleeting feeling that needs to be validated or fueled by results to keep it going.   

We don’t always win at life, that’s why it’s a challenge for us to be consistently motivated. How to keep that fire burning? It is when we lose our sense of purpose that we end up struggling with our motivation.

The good news is, motivation is all in the mind. We can easily turn our mood around to get back on the right track. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort either.

Many may think it’s not easy to stay motivated, but the keys to unlocking your motivation is easy when you know how!

Simply go back to when you started and ask yourself “why?”

Why are you working? Why do pay the bills? Why do you travel? Why do you do what you do?

It’s hard to do something when you don’t know why you’re doing them.

So, what is  your “why?”

Watch this video to find out!

Use this method to become more motivated!

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Monday, 21 May 2018


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