Food Or Your Relationship?


The reason you’re unhappy about your relationship is that you’re cheating on the one person you should be having a relationship with. This is usually the case for unhappy couples, you can usually catch them in an amazing restaurant having these incredible experience with their food but are hiding a dark secret.  It’s the fact that so many more of us have a better more intimate relationship with our food than we do with our partner or significant other.

The truth about this interpersonal conflict is that, it starts with your perception towards yourself. If you can’t truly love yourself, then you’re going to find it hard to believe that anybody else can actually love you for who you really are.  You are not going to appreciate it when people give you compliments or gifts. This in turn is going to make the people who cares about you feel unappreciated of all the wonderful things they’re doing for you.

What started out as an internal struggle will have a domino effect, where the end result causes a crack in the foundation of your relationship. Suddenly when you have an argument about something or a small disagreement, it will blow up to an amazingly huge thing for no reason at all.  Before you know it, you start avoiding those arguments and spend more time away from your partner or significant. This alone can be considered as emotionally cheating and it will be only a matter of time for the relationship to fall apart.

The real key to having a healthy relationship is to have more of a loving and wonderful relationship with yourself than you do with the food, the hobbies, and everything else in your life.  Because when you can truly appreciate how much you love yourself, you’ll find it much easier to believe that somebody else can love you. That’s when you’re ready to find a real relationship with somebody else.

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Food Or Your Relationship?

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Friday, 24 August 2018


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