Sowing The Seeds of Friendship


Have you ever wondered what a friend really is? Is it the random person you bump into, your regular workday or school day chit-chat buddy, an acquaintance or the person who sticks with you through thick and thin? A lot of people say true friendship is rare and weird at the same time. You pick a random human being and you will say, ‘this one, I want to make adventures and memories with this one.’ It’s more than amazing to have real friends around.

Friends are like your siblings at heart from a different set of parents, different address, different origin but one soul. They back you up during your downfall, reprimand but don’t use your mistakes against you and one who holds no secrets to you. A company of happiness and pain, that’s what friends provide. They can be the most critical person you’ve ever known, a mirror of your faults which may bring out the best and worst in you. Also, they’re your least expected foes for in friendship there shall be trust and once trust is lost, things will never be the same. But then again, at the end of the day, a true friend will always be there to accept who you really are and forgives without any hesitation.

However, you don’t get to know all the good people in the world. Some may come just to pass by and got a great deal of your time, but you must understand that some people are just not meant to stay. Others come and never leave, they are the kind of friends for keeping. You don’t really have to communicate every day or see each other daily but when you do, it’s like picking up right where you left off and you still feel the same excitement. Your tribe, the one you choose to keep and who chose you are the friends who want to see you win and so as you to them. You must treasure these kinds of friends as they treasure you. When you have found your tribe, you stick with them and love them hard.

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