Aliens Are Here With Us


Aliens control every aspect of our lives. Not the extraterrestrial aliens who are from another planet, but those who we consider as aliens because they don’t originate from our country. They’re either legal or illegal aliens who are moving around the world and crossing borders.  They interact with us every day.

Since these aliens are unknown to us, we don’t know what to expect. At first, they’ll appear frightening, and the media doesn’t really do their image any good. However, once we get to know them, our perception will surely change.

Not only do they make us understand them better, but they also change us for the better.

With their different origin, we are introduced to different cultures, different food, and new ways of thinking. The more we get to learn about them, the more it will make us realize that they’re no different from us. And, this awakening is what a lot of big governments are scared about.

Governments are worried that people will open their eyes to the reality that maybe there’s no need for an army or the military, and that wars aren’t really necessary.

While there may be some bad people out there, but the majority of us are exactly the same.  Despite the fact that we’re all aliens to each other, deep down, we all just want the same thing – to be happy, to be treated well, and to focus on the most important aspect in the world – our children.

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Aliens Are Here With Us

Posted by Psychology Hacker on Friday, 3 August 2018


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